Rob and the BBC

Listen to and watch here recent BBC work from Rob.

Clips from the summer series of “Extra Time” on BBC World and BBC News Channel. . Nicola Adams, Christian Horner, Mike Brearley and Paddy Power. Copy and paste into browser.

Today Programme: Bob Willis ahead of the Ashes series/radio interview.


Today Programme: a report on rugby union’s big issue – concussion – and what English Premiership club Saracens are doing about it/radio package.


Today Programme: a visit to the FA’s St George’s Park to watch England’s blind football team take on a team of England Legends/radio package.


Today Programme: Victoria Pendleton’s first competitive ride as a jockey/radio package.


Rob first entered a BBC Radio studio in 1975 while he was a final year student at the University of Sussex. He contributed irrelevantly (and irreverently) to a student programme on Radio Brighton and after graduation, a spell in advertising and a further eight months persuading himself that 3am stints in a French nightclub would give him the appropriate microphone experience, he got his first £40 per week pay-slip back at Radio Brighton working as a Station Assistant.

In the 1980s, he was twice based in Norwich – the truly original Alan Partridge both on Radio Norfolk and BBC East TV with a spell as BBC Radio Sport’s football producer in between. Then he moved on to the BBC’s TV newsroom in London – first as sports reporter, later as Sports Correspondent – to be followed by ten years with BBC Breakfast TV and that much celebrated angry outburst on Auntie’s Bloomers, a rare moment of exasperation as he travelled the world covering international sports events.

He’s hosted his own sports programmes…specifically “Inside Edge” on Radio Five Live where the Duke of Edinburgh once suggested to listeners that cricket bats could be just as dangerous as guns…and then “Extra Time” on BBC World TV, a sports interview programme with a cast of “A listers (click on the thumbnail below to see a few clips).

He clearly can’t shake the habit of those early morning alarm calls which got him up for paper rounds as a schoolboy and work as a dustman during university vacations…he now presents the sports news on BBC Radio 4’s flagship breakfast news programme “Today”. And his answer to that frequently-asked question is 3.45am.