Media Consultancy

I get a real buzz from these sessions where I familiarize students with the ways of the media. Much of the interviewee’s technique is common-sense – sit up straight, hold your eye-line, prepare and perform – but there are also less obvious ways to avoid on-air embarrassment, or even melt-down. My sessions are active, practical and – above all – fun…you can have all the theory you like, but there’s no substitute for facing the lights, the camera and the microphone, whether it’s in preparation for a gentle chat-show or the rough and tumble of a media scrum. I know these scenarios well…and can reproduce them in the class-room where criticism is constructive and advice well-informed.

Clients include:
The National Portrait Gallery, Circle Health, Reform, Matchtight Media, The Jockey Club, UK Anti-Doping and Sportscoach UK.

“I have worked with Rob for a number of years now, he has trained people for me at Circle and at Reform. He is a superbly insightful teacher, capable of being both gentle in his approach to those who need support and bracing for those who need shock treatment. I have learned a huge amount from him. Many media trainers simply pitch up and go through the motions. What Rob does is take the time to understand the situation and research the challenge – which makes for an altogether more engaging and valuable experience. I can’t recommend him enough.”

Nick Seddon, previously deputy director of Reform, the independent Think Tank.